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Comments from previous AK customers
Hello, my name is Augusto and i live on Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I bought one american bully very small and heavy, it is real pocket bully.
The Atlanta Kennel is very honest and I liked it so much I will do business with them again.
-Augusto Louvain, Rio de Janerio Brazil
Hi my name Michael Encarnacion and I live in the us virgin island. I hooked up with AK from browsing on american  bully classifieds. I got the number and I spoke with Austin he was on point with the questions I had about the puppies. I asked him to email me the buyers contract on Jan 20th, he sent it. I got the contract back 2 him on Jan 24th allong with money. He got pup to the vet on Jan 26th and on the plane on Jan 27th. I recieved the pup in excellent condition. I picked up the paper work on Feb 2nd. I can truly say AK they do business right 100% fact.
-Michael Encarnacion, St. Croix USVI
Thank you very much ATLANTA KENNELS, for the Bigsy female, she is a good friend. It will be with us in the CZECH REPUBLIC very well, everyone here is really like. Of our girls have very quickly become accustomed too, is happy and we are in it too. A.K. you are great and we look forward to further joint trade and long-term cooperation between us. Once again, thank you. Take care
-Michal & Milan, Prauge Czech Republic


Thanks AK, he is exceptionally intelligent. I've known many smart dogs in my life but he is amazing, and has been a dream to train. If I had to choose between training an APBT or a Black Lab I'd go with the APBT every time, but you've produced an exceptional pup, he has spoiled me and raised that standard to be sure.
His temperament is outstanding. Not only does he ride unbelievably well (which we noticed right away on the trip back to Clarksville TN) he looks forward to our outings. He and the resident feline have developed a close friendship, they actually play together and you can occasionally find her sprawled out across his back fast asleep. I am determined to capture that image as soon as I can grab the camera and return without waking her up. He's surprisingly calm even for an APBT, no matter what the circumstances he never misses a beat. I've yet to see him become agitated over anything.
And to top it off, he is absolutely gorgeous. I can't  take him anywhere without being stopped by someone asking me where I found him. I always refer them to your website.
He has definitely captured the hearts of everyone he's met since we brought him home, and when I can steal him away from my son he is more than happy to claim the larger portion of my bed haha.
I'm attaching a picture of Prime and my son Killian to this update, but I will send more updates and pictures as time goes on so you can see how he's developing.
Thanks again for an outstanding family addition, I am so glad I found you!
Paramount! You've given me in "ANGEL" what has to be one of the best tempered Pit Bulls ever bred! My expectations have been surpassed ten fold! I don't know how to thank you.
-Bruce D. Mitchell, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu.


We love our Atlanta Kennel Bully! Having previously owned a bully for 12 years we knew exactly what we wanted when we set out to purchase a puppy. We spent an inordinate amount of time researching beeders and bloodlines before finally deciding on Atlanta Kennel. We could not be more pleased with our decision and could not have asked for a better all around dog. "Clemmie" has a great disposition and get along with everyone in the family including other dog, cat and horses. She loves everyone. Thanks AK. We could not be happier.

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