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Attending Kennels/ Sponsors:
Atlanta Kennel
Atomic Dogg Magazine 
Black Gold Premium Dog Food
ABD Apparel
The Bully Embassy
Bully Supplies
Cosa Nostra Crew
The Elite Edge Dynasty
The Elite Edge
Black Label Kartel
D Line 
Tri State Bully Alliance
Clone Center, TN
Bully The Kid
A1 Bullies
Midwest Menace Bullies
Lycan Bloodlines
Straightline Bullies
Inner Circle Bullies
Bakkyard Bullies
Spartan Built Bullies
Brazilian Blues Kennel
Doing Us Kennels
South Side Edge
Show Stopper Kennels
Blue Force Kennel
Mo Betta Blues
Premium Pet Supplies
Louisiana Bully Kennel Club
Grumpys Edge
In Da Street Bullies
Barrows Blue Bullies
AAO Camp
CV3 Bullies
Majestic Kennels
Southern Classic
Generations Bully Camp
Majestic Kennels
CV3 Bullies
New Testament Bullies
Doing Us Kennels
Royal Flush Bullies
Victor Dog Food
Backwoodz Bullyz
Binions Bullies
Unleashed Kennels
Costa Nostra Crew
Eight Acres Kennels
Lunar God Kennels
Team Blackwood
Stright to the Top Bullies
The Bully Unit
Swaggerville Bullies
Country Fed Kennel
Veterans Bullies
Brocks Bullies
Generations Bully Camp
Highline Bullies
Pit Paradise
Against Da Grain Bullies
K9 Muscle
Hard Knock Bullies
Hinshaw Pits
Alec Billings Photography
Florida Bully Connect
Bully Badass TV
Can Am Bullies
Stacked up Magazine
Diamond Deluxe- Custom Steel Dog Crates
Mississippi Blue Kennel
Straight to the Top Bullies
Hard Body Bullies
Alpha Dog Magazine
Dogg House Kennels
Khaos Kennels
Burkes Bullies
Mill Creek Bullies
Bully Pro Kennels
Under The Influence Bullies
9-E Kennels
Bucktown Bullies
Barnyard Bullies
Crunkline Bullies
SKS Kennel
Under The Infuence Bullies
Low Pro Bullies
Pits R Us Kennels
Hass Bully Kennels
Unique Pits
Browns Kennel
Superior Bully Kennel
Ga Clique Kennels
Pit Krew Kennels
Dangerous Desires Bullies
Bully King Kennel
Emaxin Kennels
919 Capital city bullies
Unique Pits
Crown Holder Bullies
Cockie Kennel
 Blu Flame Kennel
Armstrong Bullies
The Bully Brotherhood
Wallstreet Bullies
Hicktown Bullies
Homegrown Kennels
HK Bullies
836 Bullies
LCB Kennels
Titletown Bullies
Scrib Bullies
Professional Handler Julie Kowal
Clearwater Kennel
Tar Ken Bullies
In Da Street Bullies
Rou Boy Kennel
The Congregation
Kash Kennels
prominent edge bullies
High Powered Pit Bulls
Cynderblokk 1224
Bully Assasin Kennel
SOI Kennel
Show Stopper Bullies
Buckeye Bullies
World Class Pit Bulls
RedDred Kennel
Slobber Snaks
Silver Dollar Bullyz
Bully Performance Dog Food
DJ Rob E


Austin - 770-658-9237       Racheal- 770-883-4732
Gwinnet Center- HallBC
6400 Sugarloaf Parkway
Duluth,Ga 30097

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